Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Ok, Well I'm a day late, but I took these pictures yesterday of Trey in his St. Patty's Day shirt.

Sorry it's been so long since I have updated with pictures, but it is so hard to get good pictures of Trey these days because he is constantly on the go.

Here are a few cute pictures I got of him yesterday.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Introducing baby Mason!

Trey is going to be a big cousin! We found out on December 16, we are having a BOY!! His name is Mason Richard and he is due on May 18, 2009. This past week I have started to finally feel him kick. I usually feel him kicking every evening now before I go to bed. I love being able to finally feel him kick!

Trey 1 year pictures

Trey's 1 year old pictures. Again the lighting wasn't really great. He got the little car for his birthday and he loves to be pushed in it.

Trey's 1st birthday

These are from Trey's 1st birthday party.

The cake I made. My first real attempt at cake decorating.

Clap for me

What's this?
He enjoyed making a mess and having all the attention

All done, going to get a bath

All clean

October catch-up

These are from October. Trey's 11 month picture at the pumpkin patch and his Halloween pictures.

The lighting wasn't very good in these as we ended up getting out a bit too late to hit the right light.

Trey with Mommy

Trey with Daddy

Catching up

Well I am trying to catch up with this over the break. I will do this in a series of posts so that each month is separate.

These are Trey's 10 month pictures.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Trey's 9 month pictures

We finally got around to doing Trey's 9 month pictures tonight.

We started out taking them outside, but there were too many mosquitoes, so I pulled out one of my Alien Bees and bounced the light off the ceiling to get some extra light inside.

Trey got his first haircut this morning. He is also now crawling on his hands and knees instead of his "worm" crawl for those of you who saw him do that. And he is pulling up on everything. He is getting pretty good at standing for a second or 2 without holding onto anything and will probably be walking before we know it.

This was one of my favorite shoots this far, so I have several to post today. Enjoy!

Comments always appreciated!