Saturday, September 6, 2008

Trey's 9 month pictures

We finally got around to doing Trey's 9 month pictures tonight.

We started out taking them outside, but there were too many mosquitoes, so I pulled out one of my Alien Bees and bounced the light off the ceiling to get some extra light inside.

Trey got his first haircut this morning. He is also now crawling on his hands and knees instead of his "worm" crawl for those of you who saw him do that. And he is pulling up on everything. He is getting pretty good at standing for a second or 2 without holding onto anything and will probably be walking before we know it.

This was one of my favorite shoots this far, so I have several to post today. Enjoy!

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Trey's 8 months pictures

We went to take Trey's 8 months pictures this past Thursday. We got out to the park a little earlier than we needed to for the light. So I wasn't real happy with the lighting in most of them. Though I was disappointed because about the time we packed up and headed home the light go much better! But Trey was getting tired by that time. Hopefully I will do better next time, but here are a couple of the pictures I got.

Oh yes and Trey is getting his first tooth, though he doesn't really like to show you. It was barely peeking through just the other day.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trey's First Swing

Traci bought Trey a swing and since she didn't have anywhere to hang it we got it set up so that we can hang it on our porch. He really likes the swing, though it makes him sleepy. Will be good for when he is here and won't take a nap! LOL Here is his first time in the swing.

This first picture I had my white balance off, but he looks so cute!

Getting sleepy....


I attempted shooting fireworks for the 2nd time ever and I don't feel I did any better than last year. I am really not happy with the over all results. I really need to do a better job of timing the shots. But here are a couple pictures from the 4th of July.

This one I like a little just cuz it kind of looks like a flower:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Trey's 7 months pictures

These where taken on July 2. Trey is 7 months old in these.

Trey's First Swim

These are from June 9. He got his first swimming pool. He really enjoys it and has a great time splashing in the water. The last 2 are inside drying off after his first swim.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Photo Competition Entries

Well this week I just found out about a local photo competition/exhibit. The pictures have to be from our local parks, so I was scrambling to get prints and find pictures I had taken in local parks. The max one person can enter is 5 and I ended up only getting 4 in. These are the pictures I entered. Two of them have been posted before. I also had to frame and mount them. The top 2 are scanned from slides. I shot them with Velvia 100 film last fall.

Challenge #1

For challenge #1 we were supposed to have pictures of tea, feet, and music. But I'm really sorry I only got some feet pictures. But definitely plan to do better on the next challenge and plan to start much earlier hopefully. LOL

I spent the past week rushing to get some pictures entered in a local photo competition. Will post my entries in another post. The winners are announced on July 7th so wish me luck!

TIP: And a tip for the challenge. Ideal lighting for natural light is at sunrise and sunset. Unfortunately as I was in a rush to get these today I didn't have ideal light. But the cloud cover is definitely much better than direct afternoon sunlight. Cloud cover or shade is really good for portraits especially if you can get the sunlight behind them for some rim lighting.

Another lightning picture

Here is one more lightning picture I got on June 26. We went over to the park by our house and this was shot 5 out of about 25. It was the only good one I got before it started pouring.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Went out and took some pictures of our lightning show tonight. Got a few shots before it started to pour on us. Though unfortunately on my best shot you can see the lovely water spots on my lens.

These are straight from camera other than rotation to straighten the horizon and a little cropping.

Hope you enjoy!

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

All American Trey

I took a few pictures of Trey the other night. He was hanging out watching his Uncle Justin work on the motorcycles from his stroller.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Photo Blog

Ok, well I really need to start taking more pictures and I joined a photography challenge on to help me get in the habit of taking pictures more often.

This is not in relation to the challenge, but yesterday evening Justin and I took the girls to the park to get some new pictures of them.

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My beagle, Zoe, and our newest addition, Lily.